emoze 2.2.44

Send emails in real time from your phone


  • Fast access to email in real time
  • Synchronizes contacts, calendar and tasks
  • Facebook support


  • Doesn't give access to full features of Facebook or Gmail

Very good

If you constantly need access to email and are fed up with ducking into Internet cafes to check your latest messages then give emoze a try.

emoze is a push email and messaging service for your mobile phone, that lets you send and receive messages in real time. Not only this, but it also gives you access to your contacts, tasks and calendar events.

Once you've installed emoze and configured your Internet connection you need to choose an account type. You can select between Office Mail, Gmail, POP3 or Facebook. In this free version you can only run one account at a time, but upgrade to the Enterprise edition and you'll be able to have multiple accounts running at the same time.

The Office Mail option in emoze allows you to access your Outlook email, calendar, tasks, etc. either via the Outlook Web Access server or by syncing your device with your PC. Gmail obviously gives you access to your Google Mail messages, and Facebook lets you send and receive messages through the popular social network. Unfortunately, in the case of Facebook and Gmail, you are pretty much limited to reading and writing message, and emoze doesn't give you access to the full range of features from these services.

That said, emoze does provide a quick and convenient way of keeping up with your email and Facebook messages while you're on the move.



emoze 2.2.44

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